Monday, October 20, 2008

Moors and Christians...again?, Calpe

Well, it looks like the king of festivals might be ready to call it quits for a while! Given that Kellen and Suzanne immediately balked at me when I suggested heading to Calpe for their version of Moors and Christians - I knew it would not be long before the whole family revolted. Casey and Christian were still lured by the promise of ice cream when we got there and besides, Christian is still intrigued with any festival that has his name in it!. So off we went to Calpe. This festival seemed particularly interesting because; 1) it is the actual site where the Moors originally landed to invade Spain and 2) it is a mock battle staged on the beach. The kids were more interested in playing on a pirate ship on the beach, so I let them hang out there for a while. Soon we could see a number of ships heading towards the main beach and extremely loud explosions were set off from canisters on shore. As the ships pulled in, the crowd of "Christians" lined up along the beach to meet their assailants. When the "Moors" disembarked, the guns started going off and the Moors slowly pushed back the Christians, who ultimately retreated toward the main town. The Moor King brought up the rear with his brightly colored garb and loud guns as they followed the Christians through the town. This whole process lasted at least an hour, but we quickly grew tired of the loud explosions and decided to enjoy the rest of our morning on the beach eating ice cream while the town remained under siege.

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