Saturday, October 4, 2008

Festival de Degustacion (Tapas Festival), Javea

Alright - for the record I am officially redeeming myself as the self-proclaimed “king of fiestas”. Suzanne and the kids cringed when I suggested we go into town for yet another festival (“I mean seriously, Steve, do we really have to go to every single one of these things?!?!”), but this one turned out to be a nice treat. Approximately 12 restaurants were on hand and each offered 2-3 specialty tapas plates for 1 euro each. We tried some fabulous dishes – albondigas with grilled peppers, lamb stew, toasted rice fritter in squid ink topped with a fried quail egg, black lentils with quail, and vegetable tortilla (like a frittata) were just a few of the highlights, along with some fantastic deserts. Even the kids seemed to like most of what we tried and they enjoyed the festive atmosphere. It was one of the best meals we’ve had while here, and kilo for kilo, was by far the best deal in town. We tend to spend Euro coins (~$1.50) like they were quarters, but this was the one thing I had no problem spending on. I strolled past the booths with a big grin – this was one of those memorable and enjoyable experiences that reminded us why we are here!


MacEwen M Patterson said...

I love your conversion rate but I think that is last years. Today's dollar is worth about $0.07 of yesterday's. So your Euro is probably about $4 (US). Those are some fancy taquitos, my friend. You picked a GREAT time to be in a (slightly) more stable market. Great to see all of you enjoying yourselves.

Jodi said...

hey! It's about time for some pics of you and suzanne. I love seeing the kids but was wanting to see you too! You look great but what happened to your hair?!?!