Friday, October 3, 2008

Cueva de las Calaveras, Benidoleig

About 30 minutes outside of town, we came upon the “cave of the skulls” a huge cavern that used to be an underground aquifer in the limestone hills just outside the pueblo of Benidoleig. The cave has grown in size as the water has steadily receded due to agricultural demands over the years. An interesting historical display outlined all the different uses of this cave since the prehistoric time through the present. At one time during WWII, soldiers used the cave to store food and repair aircraft engines. And yes, they found many skulls inside the cave. The cave went back about 1-2 kms, where it finally became impassable due to underground water. A team of scuba divers is currently mapping the further regions of the cave. The kids enjoyed walking through the cave and were a bit spooked by the eerie caverns deep inside, but now say it’s one of their favorite places. Casey keeps asking to invite one of her schoolmates to the cave on a playdate!

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David Hayes said...

Great place to visit, lots of fun for children. The products of Mother Nature are amazing!!