Monday, October 20, 2008

In Search for the World's Largest Paella, Jalon

What would our weekends be without a festival? Today, we headed off to Jalon a small picturesque town in the hills east of us, where they were celebrating a feast of some patron saint or virgin or something (they all start to blend together after a while). We had read that they were hosting a giant paella, and that alone seemed to be worth the drive as we were getting hungry. They were just setting up and we came across quite a spectacle - a truly giant paella pan filled with savory paella. Perhaps not the world's largest, but enough to feed a small town. For us however, the festival turned out to be a bust - you needed tickets to be served and they were already sold out. It looked like the entire town had shown up and set up tables in the streets around the main plaza. Bummer. We stood around for a while drooling as they started serving up mounds o' paella to the locals - it looked and smelled delicious.

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