Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Room with a View

For us, Seville turned out to be the “splurge” of our Spanish itinerary. We found a wonderful apartment called Puerto Catedral, which literally fronted 2 of Seville’s most iconic buildings, the Giralda Tower and the Catedral. And with two large, private terraces, this may have been one of the best locations in the city. I particularly enjoyed the outdoor shower on the terrace, but had to be somewhat wary of the tourists who climbed the Giralda who had a birds-eye view of our terrace from up above! The apartment was fabulous, save for the 5 flights of stairs we had to take to get to the top! After all the traveling, Suzanne promised the kids no churches or museums for 4 days and we certainly eased our way back into Spanish life and culture. We would have slept in every morning were it not for the cacophony of bells that clanged away each morning at 9:00 am (and again two more times before 9:30). And this was not your ordinary ringing – the choir would last for 2 minutes or so. It was literally impossible to sleep through such a racous. Talk about culture!!! But even with that forced wakeup call every morning, we took it slow and would consider ourselves lucky to make it out of the apartment by 1:30 pm for the start of Spanish lunch hour.

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