Thursday, July 2, 2009

Next stop, Seville, then...Boulder?!?!

Coming off of such a fantastic experience in Turkey, we had mixed emotions about returning to Spain. While I was excited to be heading to Seville (it was originally one of our top choices to live), I think we were a bit less enthused about spending so much time in such a large city (4th largest in Spain). In addition, we were close to being “done” with Spanish cuisine and pretty weary from constantly traveling and getting oriented yet all over again. But what really complicated things was that we were in the process of finalizing a rental contract for our home in California – freeing us up to pursue our (now not-so-distant) dream of moving to Boulder, CO. Not long ago, we had put that plan on hold indefinitely, realizing our house would not sell while we were away. I was resigned to moving back to LA to figure out our next steps from there, even signing up for the Malibu Triathlon in September to give me something to look forward to. Suddenly, we found ourselves thinking differently about the future. Suzanne was reinvigorated, scouring every Boulder property on the market for rental opportunities. The thought of moving to Boulder was both exciting and scary - while we now could look forward to putting some much needed normalcy back into our lives and plant some roots, we had no real leads on places to live nor job opportunities once we got there. It felt somewhat surreal, knowing we still had 2 months left in Spain to enjoy our adventure year. However, we were starting to feel anxious about so many more changes and about everything that would need to get done on our return. It was clear that our “adventure” would now continue well beyond a year, albeit unfolding in a much different way. With that context and quite a bit of anticipation, we caught the high-speed train and headed down to Seville.

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