Friday, September 18, 2009

Winding Down Our Spanish Experience

As the so-called "leader" of this so-called adventure, I did what I could to enroll my family to enjoy our last few weeks here in Santiago, but the reality was that my family was done and had been done for quite some time. Finito. Terminado. Completo...DONE. Beyond done. Done with uncreative and limited Spanish cuisine, done with the struggles of learning a new language, done with communication challenges, done with limited internet and tv coverage, done with the lack of close friends, done with home schooling, done with hard, lumpy beds, done with living out of suitcases, done with the endless bureaucracy, done with cathedrals, museums and fiestas and simply done with being around each other 24:7. Just done. Try as I could, it was clear that the best thing for the family was to wind this experience down and move on. People would often ask us, given the still slumping economy, why didn't we stay in Spain for another year. Perhaps if we had lined up meaningful jobs in Javea, a second year could have been an option, but in reality, everyone felt it was time to go home. We certainly had a great run, but we now had our next life phase to focus on. Plus, we had tons to do before Aug 1 to transition out of LA and find a place to live in Boulder, which added a layer of anxiety to the mix. Suzanne re-booked our return flight back to LA several weeks early, giving us some much needed cushion to get everything done. Plus, it allowed us some time to enjoy our last few weeks in our Agoura home and re-acclimate to life in the States before starting up the adventure all over again in Boulder, CO.

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Dee said...

This one made me laugh. I understand the "doneness." Love the pictures! Welcome to Boulder!