Monday, June 8, 2009

Heading to Turkey with the Andrews Family

Thanks to the proactive planning and tireless effort of Dee Andrews in conjunction with the folks at CTC travel, we headed out on a dual family excursion to Turkey. We are so fortunate to have met the Andrews in Javea – not just because they are wonderful people and great friends, but also because they continually inspire us to take bold steps on our adventure year. It is safe to say that had we not met the Andrews, we probably would not have left Javea early, seen Morocco, or ventured to Turkey. They have given us new insights on making quick decisions without looking back, how to live comfortably with few possessions and how to stay centered in the face of uncertain times. It is rare to find someone who is on the same “wavelength” – let alone a whole family! And it has given us the chance to share new experiences and create memories with another family who completely relates to what we are going through. And to think we may even be neighbors with them someday in Boulder!

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