Monday, January 5, 2009

Conquering Montgo - My Turn!

Hi I'm Kellen and this is how I conquered Montgo, I woke up in the morning and went to my dad's room and woke him up and he said 'Get back to bed!' But I really wanted to go, because Christian conquered Montgo. It made me sad that I didn't go - he got binoculars and a big celebration and it was like a birthday party. Mommy wanted to go too, but she was too tired. So daddy and I went. We walked down a road that we called "Medusa" because from up high the road looked like a witch with hairs coming out of her head. The road had dog poo on it and a lot of puddles on it too. I asked daddy if I could take a picture of it but in the end I decided I wouldn't. I felt scared to climb Montgo because it was going to be the first mountain I ever climbed and I didn't have any practice. We started climbing and found a map that was pretty big. As we got closer to the top, it was very rocky and they called this part the "backbone of the beast". I told daddy that it wasn't a beast - it was an elephant. When we were lower on the mountain it wasn't as rocky. I was getting tired and took ten breaks. My dad said that we were going to beat Christian by one minute and I started to race to the top. Turned out he was just tricking me to make me go faster. At the top it felt like I climbed Mt. Everest. It was a miracle! The views were excellent and we celebrated by having a big feast of snacks. There were two men at the top - we said hello and I took more pictures than daddy did. By the way, I had to go poo on the way up and my dad found some wet leaves to wipe my butt. On the way down, I didn't feel like racing. I took a wrong path with an X on it and slipped. I got a big red mark and my dad said that that was proof that I climbed Montgo. I was getting tired and was slipping on the rocks. It was a little scary and my feet hurt a lot. Next time I am going to wear my hiking boots. At the bottom, my dad gave me a piggy-back ride and he ran so fast it was like riding a horse. I promised my dad that I would kiss the floor when I got home. Mommy and Grandma Lou were very proud and I felt very happy and proud - like Christian when he came back. I didn't get binoculars though. Me and my daddy couldn't believe I could do it without training. He kept asking me if I wanted to turn back but I didn't! That is my story. The end.

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