Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Villa, Javea, Spain

Okay, let me just get it out in the open. I am/we are terribly spoiled. Our house at Lobo Canyon has forever changed us and we will be hard pressed to find a living situation that can adhere to the standard we have inadvertently set for ourselves. What I learned about myself is that I have become extremely sensitized to a comfortable and beautiful environment and in spite of lowering my expectations significantly, I was doomed to be disappointed. To be clear, our Villa is not so bad, and for most people would be perfectly fine. Split level, fairly roomy by EU standards, full kitchen on each floor, private yard with fully enclosed garden foliage, nice clean pool. For only $2,200 US per month, this is quite a deal. But this Villa has been run as a vacation rental for quite some time and you can definitely tell. The furniture is old, the house is somewhat musty and in need of repair and it just doesn’t have the feel of a home. Oh – and then there were the multiple power outages, frequent lack of hot water, some sort of mosquito or flea or bedbug infestion, and well – lets just say though roomy – we can definitely do better! Forget about soft, comfy beds and spacious kitchens! Suzanne took it much better than I did, as I was reluctant to start unpacking our bags and was ready to go out looking for another place immediately. As reason prevailed I began the process of settling in and started to help Suzanne unpack.

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susan said...

OK, while yes, we would agree Steve and Suzanne have high standards (we are friends, aren't we?) ....we also agree that their first place was a very nice but had definitely been a vacation rental for too long. It would have been perfect for a week stay but not home for a year or more.

From 2 people who stayed in the downstairs, musty room, we are very happy to not only house shop with you but see you find a fabulous and perfect place to be spoiled in the manner to which you have become accustomed.

To all friends and family.....a must not delay!!!

Susan and Erik