Monday, June 30, 2008

Departing for our adventure year!

Well - we'll be off on our adventure year beginning August 6th.  We have some time to play before we need to be in Spain, and lucky for me, two of my favorite people from Team Estrogen (a freakishly unusual and totally fabulous all-woman team back in the old days of Amgen) are living in Belgium and England.  So - we arrive in Brussels on August 7th where Esther and Family will pick us up and take us to their summer home on the Belgian coast.  On the 11th, we'll head over to London, and then stay with Anne, Steve, and family for a while.  Nothing like having a few good friends to meet you at the beginning of a big trip.  We get to catch up, get some rest, and have some fun with people who know the area.  Its always such a different experience when you visit somewhere new and know some locals!  After playing with the Martins, we'll head out to Spain, and eventually arrive at our new home town of Javea, Spain on August 18th.  We have our house for 2 months (with an option to extend through the end of June) and we're thrilled that we'll have so much room for guests.  
And - our first guests have been booked! (I think).  Eric (from B-school) and Susan, who left last December on a 14-month, around-the-world trip will be arriving in Spain on August 30th.  And, not only do we get to see them and hear about their amazing trip, but Cesar (also from B-school) and Jill are planning to come at the same time. And - we get to have them all!  It should be really great!
The boys start at their new school, XIC (a Brittish School) on Sept 4th.  Our plan has been to put Casey in an all-Spanish preschool - which we'll need to do from there.  But it JUST occurred to us (after a conversation with Anne -who's living in Britain) that they start school a year earlier than we do in the States.  So - now we're wondering.... at what age do they start Kindergarten in Spain?  Maybe we have a new kindergardener and not a continuing preschooler!!!!  (yes- you hear a bit of stress!).  So - this is likely the 1st of many suprises we are to encounter.  Oh well.  At least we have two months left to figure it out!!!!!
That's all for now.  Just wanted to christen our family adventure blog!    

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